Sylvain DEZ
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Career :

Sylvain Dez was born on August 21st, 1969 just a few kilometers from Paris. In 1994, he held a first successful exhibition on the theme of "Dégustons l'Art Ensemble". First a naive painter, he soon turned to abstract expressionism. After studying at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Moderne (1982-1992), Sylvain worked as an art director in an advertising agency, and is remembered for his contribution to the Printemps of Cahors 2000 event. In 2001, he organized two major art exhibitions presenting a project of his entitled "Le temps d'un mouvement ou le mouvement d'un temps". The current year 2002 is one filled with very promising events : In January and February, two major exhibitions will take place in Paris, followed in March by a second "Salon International d'Arts Plastiques" in Angoulême. In September, Sylvain will be presenting his work at the "Centre Culturel" in Lens. All of these events are part of the French tour "Le temps d'un mouvement ou le mouvement d'un temps".

Exhibitions :

December 2002 : Galerie le Cheval de Sable - 17 rue Francois Miron (75004 Paris).

June-Jully 2002 : Galerie 3 Mailletz - 17 rue du Petit-Pont (75 Paris).
" Le temps d'un mouvement ou le mouvement d'un temps "

May 2002 : Salon d'Arts Plastiques in Meudon

Mach 2002 : 2nd Salon International d'Arts Plastiques in Angoulême

February-March 2002 : 24th International Artexpo New-York
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December. 2001 - January 2002 : 68th Salon des Surindépendants
Espace des Blancs-Manteaux Pierre Charles KRIEG (75 Paris)

October 2001 : Galerie AAA - 8 rue Fourcade (75 Paris).
" Le temps d'un mouvement ou le mouvement d'un temps "

August 2001 : Chris Arts Peintures - Sculptures
Radisson SAS 223, promenade des anglais (06 Nice).

March 2001 : Exhibition in cellars of "the Transat" (92 Boulogne).

October 1994 : Collective exhibition around the theme "Portrait" (78 Versailles).

March 1994 : Collective exhibition in wine storehouses of "Transat" around the theme "portrait".
"Let's tasting Art together" (92 Boulogne).